About Us

Idyll Hounds started in 2013 as a flavor-first brewery in the heart of the Emerald Coast. With a local-first mind set, concoctions are brewed with poetic attention to detail and memories that easily inspire lines of prose.

Your beer is responsibly crafted with the finest ingredients available. At Idyll Hounds we brew for ourselves, the beer enthusiasts, and novice beer drinkers alike.

Our head brewer Frasier “the Pup” Hansen knew for a while that it was the brewery life for him. He was an avid and persistent home brewer, always trying to up his brewing game. He grew up spending summers on the beach in South Walton, Florida. One particular seasonal job at The Summer Kitchen, turned into a year. While working together with Shawn “Capt. Ferdinand” Sherman at The Summer Kitchen, the Pup began to show Shawn the ways of craft beer and brewing. Partnering together they opened Idyll Hounds brewing inspired by the beautiful “idyllic” scenery and a loving homage to Mike “Hound” Hansen, who always inspired the Pup to follow his dream of starting a brewery.

Idyll Hounds hopes to share a creative collection of quality beers with anyone willing to try.